Our services include Contract Research, Bioinformatics Services, Data Analysis, Database Maintenance, and Bioinformatics Trainings.

Bioinformatics provides tremendous career opportunities and certainly has multi-facet to choose from. Achievements so far have proven that biological research through bioinformatics has the potential to provide the clues/answers/information related to complex biological problems. It has also given us a new direction to the advancement in the biological and life science industry.


Bioinformatics is an electronic infrastructure of the molecular biology. ADI Biosolutions provide premium solutions to the life science industry with domain expertise in the Sequence Analysis, Gene & Protein Identification and Annotation, Epitope Development, Molecular Modeling, Molecular Docking, Lead Optimization, Virtual Library Design, Biological Data mining and management and many more.

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  • Annotation of genes, proteins & compounds
  • Pathway analysis & designing of  putative pathways leading from the receptor target(s) to all differentially expressed genes.
  • Identification of targets, Target Receptor Modeling & Common targets for specific biologics
  • Searching of targets & explain the pathways they regulate, and how they relate to each other
  • Find therapeutic compounds that target any of your gene lists with mechanism of action

Contract Research

New frontiers require new ways of working and we believe that to deliver the true promise of science, innovation is necessary. Our customers benefit not just from lower costs and boosted efficiencies, but also from the infusion of fresh ideas and thinking.
At ADI Biosolution, we provide contract research services to a rapidly growing base of global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We combine Science, Innovation and People to help our clients address their drug development challenges.

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By working with the ADI Biosolution contract research team, you can:

  • Apply the expertise of ADI Biosolution scientists to a given problem
  • Access the full suite of ADI Biosolution software and database products
  • Learn new cutting edge technologies
  • Reap significant savings

Our integrated offering allows clients to access multiple outsourcing choices across the research and development value chain. We aim to become preferred partners on collaborative research projects, sharing risks and rewards to jointly create intellectual property.

For Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies

Are you taking advantage of computational approaches to reach your drug development goals?

Your needs may be in lead identification, virtual screening, inhibitor derivatives and/or drug development, medical writing. Allow us to meet your project requirements to accumulate numerous challenges using right combination of our scientific and technological expertise.

Our Collaborative Research Solution

ADI Biosolution contract research services provide extremely cost-effective, collaborative, and flexible ways for you to apply computational expertise and technology under strict confidentiality.
Contract Research Projects: You can engage our computational and drug discovery scientists to help you solve a particular problem. Our scientists have experience and expertise working on drug discovery and development projects using relevant computational tools and techniques.

ADI Biosolution Contract Research and Scientific Consulting Services Already at Work

  • High Content Screening
  • Ligand Receptor Docking
  • Drug Target for various Therapeutic Areas
  • Homology Modelling
  • QSAR
  • Assessment of Drug Properties
  • Molecular Docking
  • Lead Discovery
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Diversity Analysis

Data Analysis

Modern sequencing technologies are generating massive amount of the biological data, which can only be efficiently analysed by the computational techniques. ADI Biosolution have an expert team of Biologists, Microbiologist, Molecular biologists, Biochemists, and Bioinformaticians for the high end analysis of the biological sequence and structural data.

Database Maintenance

In present time it is big challenge to store and manage a wide variety of biologically relevant data. ADI understands well the requirements involve in and have proficiency in the handling and maintenance of large Datasets. We provide end to end solutions of data maintenance to clients including big pharma spread all across the world using skill-set spanning across a wide range of database technologies.


ADI Biosolution is one the very few company providing industrial training to life science industry since its inception. ADI providing and leads in the training of Bioinformatics, Drug Designing, Sequence Analysis and Annotation, Data Management, Biological Database and Clinical Research. In training programs along with technical aspect personality development is also our concern to make our trainee competent to take on the corporate world with confidence.